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Cycling in Champagne 2020

Cycling in Champagne - May 23-31, 2020


Explore the valleys and vineyards in the lush regions of Champagne! Ideal for cyclists, the area has miles and miles of vineyards dotted with picturesque villages, Gothic churches, canals, and lakes. Reims and Chalons-en-Champagne offer many champagne houses with tours and tastings. 


The trip is designed for cyclists of all levels, as well as those simply wishing to relax in beautiful surroundings while enjoying wonderful amenities. We’ll have suggested routes but you will have choices as well. You’ll have all day to cycle at your own pace when getting from point to point. There are numerous walking paths, outstanding hiking options, cultural sites, and beautiful gardens to explore. Our luggage will be transported to each hotel so you will travel lightly when on your bike.

Trip Leader: Kim O'Flaherty

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