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The Magic of Mallorca

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Exactly twenty years ago I embarked on my first trip to Mallorca, Spain. This Mediterranean island is every cyclist’s dream destination, and I immediately fell in love. Mallorca provides a unique landscape for hikers, birders, and all nature lovers with its network of trails and panoramas.

The cliffs offer sapphire ocean vistas and endless views of sandy coves. Tranquil mountain villages are set amidst ancient olive groves and lemon orchards. Tiny roads lined with stone walls wind through vineyards where windmills and sheep dot the landscape; in spring the scent of almond blossoms and wisteria permeates the air.

Historical sites and landmarks also abound, and include a Gothic cathedral and Arab baths in Palma’s Old Town, monasteries where distant steeples reach skyward, and medieval walled towns that invite us to explore their arches and alleyways. Pretty town squares and seaside promenades boast myriad restaurants offering cultural traditions and outstanding cuisine, seafood paella, and Crema Catalana.

I've led seven tours to Mallorca since my first visit, and I am planning to lead our next adventure to the enchanting island in September 2021. Let’s pack our bags!


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